• Summer 2016 Inbound residency at the Chicago Publishers Resource Late Spring 2016   MCNEIL: Hi! I just got back! Let’s do a blog post about our residency! CHRIS: I’ve been back for a while now, been really productive – seeing all the the art and comics in the US, and the standard they’re made at… [Continue Reading]

    Guest blog post: Chris Gooch & Sarah McNeil
  • Chris Gooch and Sarah McNeil, two Australian artists, have arrived for their TRANSIT inbound residency at the Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) here in Chicago, Sunday May 29th – Sunday June 12th, 2016. They will also be participating in this year’s CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo). Sarah is an Australian artist, illustrator and runs Room… [Continue Reading]

    Chicago-based Programming with Chris Gooch and Sarah McNeil during their Inbound CHIPRC Residency
  • WHAT FUN! Despite the rain and coinciding events around town, our FIRST ANNUAL Edible Books event was a hit! You can view the photos and winners here. Stay tuned, the next one is being planned for April 1st, 2017! Please join TRANSIT on April 30th for special fundraiser: an Edible Books Celebration, Mastering the Art… [Continue Reading]

    Edible Books event April 30th, 2016 – 1pm
  • CALL FOR APPLICATIONS TRANSIT and the Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) are once again inviting alternative comics and zine artists from outside the Chicago area to apply for a two-week residency at CHIPRC; this residency is to take place May 29th – June 12th, 2016. ABOUT THE RESIDENCY In this residency, artists will be given… [Continue Reading]

    TRANSIT’s second CHIPRC Inbound residency call for entries
  • Fall 2015 Outbound residency at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum December 2015   Following a snowy winter and a spring of heavy rain, record-breaking floods hit the state of Iowa in the summer of 2008. The Cedar River, which flows through the city of Cedar Rapids, crested at the height of 31.12 feet… [Continue Reading]

    Guest blog post: Pamela Olson